Biography of Hamidreza Ghorbani
بیو گرافی حمیدرضا قربانی
Hamidreza Ghorbani is a famous Iranian figure, songwriter, composer, arranger and singer who has been working since 2007.

He started playing the guitar as a teenager and taught singing to pop music professors. He started writing songs as a teenager and entered the field of composing many songs

Hamidreza Ghorbani was born in 1991 in Iran and Isfahan province

He has released many singles and has released two world albums with American singer and musician Shay Watson.

He has done valuable work for famous TV shows such as; CBS, MTV, etc.

Original name : Hamidreza Ghorbani

Year of birth : July 30, 1991, Isfahan

Profession : songwriter, composer, singer

Recording artist, sound engineer, sound engineer

Single songs : Tasavor mikonam hasti, puzzle, Ghalbe sadam, Bahaneh, Ama cheshmat, Roozhaye Bad, Havasam Hast, Roozhaye Deltangi, Bahar, Pileh kardam, Zamin Gerdeh and ...

Albums : Songs of Hope and Peace (2021)

Love is Enough (2021)

Life Goes On (2022)

Collaborations : Bahram Ebrahimi, Yaser Sakimehr, Shay Watson, Peter Baltes, Jason Goforth, Klaus Luchs, Jenny Teator, Sarah Rebecca, Ella Hartt, Peter Gabriel

Style : Pop
Birthday : July, 30, 1991. Isfahan.Iran

Instruments : piano, guitar, harmonica

Years of activity : 2007 until today

Spouse : None (single)

Parents : Nasser Ghorbani, Azam Shahrabi Farahani

Place of residence : Tehran

Specialty : Film and serial music
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